Saturday, July 12, 2014

Left 4 Mod 2: Dark Carnival

Ozzie and Crew return for the next campaign in Left 4 Dead 2. Apologies for the echo in my voice, there was a mishap with the recording that won't happen next time.

Mods in use...
Jill Valentine (Umbrella Chronicles) replacement for Rochelle

Deadpool replacement for Nick

Duke Nukem as Coach

Duke Nukem voice mod

Team Fortress 2 Red Scout Ellis

Scout Voice Packs

BONK Red Bat

Fallout's N99 10MM Pistols

Lollipop Chainsaw... Chainsaw

M4A1 Pulse Rifle

Glowing Purple Katana

Mark IV Style (Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon music)

1 comment:

  1. I love the booming voice. It sounds like you're talking over the carnival loudspeaker system.

    Come one! Come all!


    She's walking on sunshine.

    That's what you get for delayed saving. I always hated when people do that. Like politely waiting for an enemy to shoot me before shooting them.

    Splitting up again.

    I'd love to see some Shadowrun weapon mods for this game. switched up characters. I was wondering about that.

    Deadpool: Reeeeeeeeee-loading!

    Drugs, man.

    So, we're skipping around between Monty Python and History of the World, part 1?

    Deadpool: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! .......................... Hey! .......................... Listen.

    Now you guys are doing it on purpose.

    You don't taste as good to Smokers, I guess.

    Sad you should have to tell them that.

    Fire. Is there anything it can't solve?

    Isaac watches you fail?

    Deadpool: How do you know I'M not Moustachio? Has anyone seen us together?

    Deadpool: (being Jockey'd) Not on the first date! Not on the first date!


    And Oz is down.

    Assault Rifle! Overkill for the gnome, but that works.

    Oh man, you guys are terrible shots. I thought I was bad. @_@

    Round 4!

    Round 5...

    Round 6?

    Round 7. o.o

    Round 8. -_-

    It's probably not the best idea for the gnome to be held by the recorder. An hour of not seeing anything. ^^;;

    Tear your eyes out and bury them?

    Stealth clowns?

    Thuganomics is not a valid area of study.

    Do you take as much damage from zombies as you do from each other?

    There's always a witch where you need to go. =P

    And it can be sent flying out of the area.

    The Imperial Stormtrooper Marksman Academy.

    Flaming witch.

    As far as you know.

    Product of its time, you know. Public displays of affection were kind of frowned upon when these things were invented. It was a great excuse for that.

    Wow. The darkness and occasional light makes the gnome kind of scary.

    Gnomeality? Works for me.

    You definitely want to save the pipe bombs.

    Better now than after starting the ride, right?

    Take pills now.

    Panic much?

    Never split the party.

    I don't know why you used the pistol there. You're going to be carrying the gnome the rest of the way and don't need those rifle bullets too much.

    Yeah, it's a really bad idea for the streamer to hold the gnome. =P

    Throw the gnome over the fence and pick it up later.

    The katana is much better for the whack-a-moustachio.

    Quite the barn dance going on there.

    Another witch?

    I kept expecting DLC where you played another version of Dark Carnival as the Midnight Riders.

    The lighting effects on the gnome is really quite good.

    I've seen people get past it on Versus.

    Are you adequately prepared to rock?

    Explosions send the gnome flying.

    Almost lost the gnome.

    Did Duke Nukem just sing into the microphone?

    That pulse rifle doesn't sound right.

    Where's the tank?

    Maybe that's just easy mode talking.

    Take the gnome and run.

    Bye bye Boba.

    Deadpool is mildly inconvenienced by being left behind.