Thursday, July 31, 2014

Left 4 Mod 2: Swamp Fever

Ozzie & Crew return for another Left 4 Dead 2 campaign. This time they head into Swamp Fever with a new set of mods.

Mods in use...
Doom Squad

Quake 2 Strogg

1 comment:

  1. You look like you're playing Halo multiplayer.

    Ha! Called it.

    Pretty damn good spit.

    Skillet power!

    It burns when I bleed.

    "Don't shoot teammates!"

    Nobody said tacos.

    It's horde time.

    I didn't know you could hang onto a ledge in water.

    And this is Easy. o.o

    Tank already. Good night.

    Man, I can't see what's going on.

    Katana's are all about looking cool. In real life, Japanese swords break really easy.

    Uh oh. Boomed!

    First time? I still can't see it.

    Boba appreciates Laying of Hands.

    What's with the pistol thing? You passed up new special ammo because you didn't use the old one.

    The melee king?

    What's hilarious is sending a crash report for a Microsoft rival. They must find reported problems with Firefox or Chrome hilarious.

    You don't get the body down. You just take his stuff.

    Yes, you can. Click in.

    Oz is quite the firebug.

    Retired villain.

    Not just that, but you can't hit each other either.

    The molotov could have helped, too. Right outside the door.

    You heard a Smoker. =P

    You'd think being downed under water would be like being in fire and drop your health faster.

    Time to play the Deliverance music.

    Yeah, Ash's pikachu is the strongest of his kind, right? Lost to Blanka in that Death Battle, though.

    Hillbilly country.

    Stop blowing stuff up, Oz. =P

    Acid and pounce. Ouch.

    Hating him = witch?

    That's the second time I've heard chuckling in the distant background. What's going on?

    Did you miss the good ammo again?

    Oh, there you go.

    That's stupid. Grenade Launcher should be all about splash damage.

    This deep swamp stuff is freaky.

    Health is for other people.

    You guys got messed up. o.o This map isn't .... hey, where's Zero's sword in the mod list?

    You guys are insane.

    Why you gotta be hatin'?

    Never heard of it.

    And now I can see the enemies mostly...why would anyone use that mod? Other than for a nostalgia fix, that is.

    Acid Reflex?

    15 with a single grenade shot? I think I did that one.

    I love how much planning is going into Easy Mode.

    Run, Oz. Run.

    Between hordes. Someone watch the door behind you.

    So? Grab a bile jar and then throw a molotov on top of it.

    Never? I see Spitters melee all the time.

    Time to go.

    Run for the border.

    Or maybe the game just hates Test Zero.