Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ozzie Rants: Why I will never buy an X-Box One

Ozzie explains his problems he had while owning a 360 and why he will under no circumstances buy an X-Box One. Also some gameplay from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

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  1. Pointing to an NES and an SNES as for you not being a Sony fanboy ruins your point as Sony didn't have a console out at the time.

    The Saturn rocked! Guardian Heroes, X-Men vs Street Fighter, NiGHTS...

    Strange. You seemed to be having fun when you were playing with us.

    Oh really? Couldn't be that JRPG making companies just didn't bother making games available on the 360 because they still see their primary base in Japan and don't give a rat's ass about overseas fans?

    I did not make the wrong decision buying an Xbox. >_< Most of the games I want are on that system.

    I won't argue the dashboard sucks.

    Incredibly stupid decisions like such poor security that PSN got hacked? Or maybe Playstation Network Plus that added a subscription when everyone's biggest point in the Playstation rocking is they didn't have to pay such a thing?

    And while we're on the subject, how about Sony slowly removing functionality from the PS3 (like backwards compatibility) so they could sell upscale PS2 games to consumers a second time? Despite what they claim, putting the chip in did not actually cost that much money per unit.

    (glances ahead at SOE going down video) .............or maybe I don't need to rebut any of this. =P