Friday, August 8, 2014

Left 4 Mod 2: Hard Rain

Ozzie & Crew return as the Normandy Crew from Mass Effect to take on a nonstop downpour of zombies in the Hard Rain campaign!

Mods in Use
Tali replacement for Rochelle

Commander Shepard


Mass Effect M-3 Predator (Magnum)

1 comment:

  1. No echo this time. I call shenanigans.

    Try #4?

    That's a really impressive mod.

    No voice pack for the characters?

    Tank already?

    What was that? Sounded like a voice pack.


    "Protect me, fools!"?

    Man, you gave the special infected a chance to respawn chasing that smoker.

    Ozzie's got a happy place?

    ^^;;; Oh right. That's his happy place.

    As far as you know.

    Nice work, TestZero.

    I never saw that.

    "Feel my skills, donkey donkey donkey donkey."

    It's not a good have a curse.

    "Dat shell"? That's the best you got?

    Lost again.

    Half-price Reapers?

    Witches on Roof. I think I heard of that musical.

    Okay, that was pretty funny.

    This used to be a funhouse. But now it's full of evil clowns.

    Pills here!

    Then why did you install it?

    There's a baby mod?

    I did enjoy Dead Island.

    No accounting for taste.

    I liked Borderlands 1 solo.

    I hear a witch.

    Witches are attracted to sugar.

    Yet another Witch. No achievement for you.

    They do love TestZero.

    There's zombie paths, remember?

    Wow, you guys have some real teamwork problems.

    No loud noises for Witches, right? But then what's gunfire?

    Witches walk in the daytime.

    And this is Easy mode.

    The corner may not have been the best place.

    Did you just make a Paragon/Renegade joke?

    Into the corn!

    Wow. That was close.

    You guys need some skills. Badly.

    Get some ammo, Oz.

    It's night, so the Witches are stationary.

    This is tragic.

    Even Easy will throw Tanks at the worst times.

    Are you absolutely sure you're not playing Versus? o.O

    You can if you want.

    Stop looking around so fast. You're making me dizzy. =_=

    Pretty good Charger.

    And Boba is dead.

    Boba's in the closet?

    Head for the safe house!

    Don't bother. Just get to the safe house.

    -_- That's what I kept saying.

    It does auto respawn people.

    So, consoles are better? =)

    How long are you going to stay in the green?

    It isn't. There's two stages.

    No, you don't. You can use the rooftops.

    Yes, use the rooftops. =P

    I saw the outline, too.

    Drugs, man.

    You guys get split up an awful lot.

    Stay with the team, Kevin.

    You are not the Tick.

    I knew.

    I wonder if the finale is so long because it takes Virgil so long to notice the Burger Tank sign.

    When a Tank shows, you're not going to be on that roof for long.

    Might want to reload those pistols, Oz.

    Nobody except the special infected.

    Adrenaline pick ups don't work with a horde around.

    Rescue time.

    That was pretty terrible. ^^;;

    It didn't feel longer to me.