Friday, August 15, 2014

Left 4 Mod 2: The Parish

Ozzie & Crew return for another Left 4 Dead 2 campaign. This time they play through The Parish with the team of Cable, Ghost Rider, Mordecai, and Squirrel Girl!

Mods in use...
Ghost Rider

Squirrel Girl



1 comment:

  1. Greetings Ozzie.

    The intros ran the gamut.

    Crash 4 Dead!

    Damn, those are good skins.

    Not so loud, Oz.

    Mordecai looks out of place?!



    Shooting teammates already?

    No voice packs? There are cartoons. Especially with Cable.

    And Mordecai should have a voice pack.

    Oh dear. From rapist hoodie to ... S&M gear?

    You don't have to go up the ramp, I think.

    He's vomiting blood?

    A layer of challenge? Aren't you still on Easy?

    Yes, it is.

    Open the door, Ozzie.

    Those things are actually kind of creepy in the dark.

    For now.

    Get the drugs, Oz.

    What I want to see are mods that change the wall dialogue to custom stuff - "Mark was here." "I find that claim dubious."

    I thought the nightstick hit twice.


    No, this is not the wedding campaign.

    To screw with you.

    Need those health packs now?

    Valve has kind of given up on the whole "game development" thing.

    A mist of vomit.

    Chargers do love Cable.

    I wouldn't. You'll need it at the CEDA van.

    Do you want the answer to that question? Really?

    Shouldn't they have imported Cable's big-ass guns?

    Shut up, Coach Cable.

    Behind you is a bad idea. Zombies will hit you. Over the fence would have gotten them out of your way.

    Squirrel Girl is not having a good time.

    o.O Wait, why didn't you call this video "Marvel Zombies"?

    Safe room is much further ahead.

    What lady?

    Okay, that was clever. 'cause I'm old.


    It's because she's OP. It's funnier when she wins from bizarre circumstances rather than being a creator's pet.

    I swear, if this was normal and friendly fire was on, you guys would never pass a campaign.

    Yes, you have to go up the ladder.

    Don't know.

    Enough with the scatological jokes, please.

    Charger goes for Cable again.

    You can also go into the trailer for stuff.

    Get the frag rounds, Oz.

    I just tried a soy "burger". It doesn't taste right. >P I'm not crazy enough to be a Vegan.

    You go upstairs.

    Yeah. Center house.

    You go up and then down. They're right.

    Flamingo AND umbrellas!

    Candy cane cane! That's be a great weapon! For a Santa mod.

    There's a lot of great fan-made levels. You should try some.

    Cable gets charged again.

    My internet died just now. And now it's back. Man, I hate when that happens.

    This game should have had molotovs cause huge explosions due to the methane gas.

    Man, you guys are lucky you're on easy. Your teammates are trigger happy in bad places.

    Oh man, the horde up there is terrible.

    I think you have to drop down to the graveyard before it pops.

    That's Left 4 Dead 1, I thought.

    You get lost here? It's not that complicated.

    Someone left grandma some alcohol and a rag.

    "Wise man say, 'Never pay full price for late pizza'."

    Drugs, man!

    Um...blowing up zombies would be the way to solve this problem, wouldn't it?

    You didn't see the smoker? I saw it.

    Lady again. Who is Lady?

    Bitch slapped him while not holding your gun properly.

    They're screwing with you, Oz.

    Yup. Float time.

    Stairs. Use the stairs.

    Uncoordinated grenades - the bane of your team.

    Or you could hit them with the grenade launcher.

    More drugs. The game's trying to tell you something.

    That could have gone better.

    Again with the fire. So strange.

    Who is Lady?!

    I would have laughed if you set off a car alarm there.

    The safe house! Congrats!

    Until Hitbox is bought by Google.

    Did you start the fire?

    I'm just waiting for someone to replace the medkit with body lotion. Or it gets the hose again.

    Isn't every weapon glitched out with Cable?

    You may not be trying to make time, but keep going anyway. Stopping here is a bad idea.

    That used to be a great way to kill a survivor in Versus. Run them off the bridge.

    I thought the tank was above you.

    Everybody on the chopper.

    And you made it!

    Bye bye, bridge.

    HA! I said it first!