Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Left 4 Mod 2: The Passing

Ozzie & Crew return to use the Planet Express Crew in the battle against Nintendu 64 during The Passing Campaign.

Mods in use...
Futurama Survivors

Mario Special Infected

1 comment:

  1. Echo again? And now it's gone.

    Those are frightening skins.

    Lucy Liu is in there?

    Oh, probably Chester A. Arthur.

    Mario mode?

    What the hell?!

    What is with that thing obscuring the left of the screen?

    Guns, guns, guns!

    Wireless sucks!

    Quite the thunderstorm.

    Again, no voice packs? Lazy! Farnsworth can easily say "Donkeys aren't monkeys! Stop messing with my head!"

    Bowser is the tank? Damn.

    Don't jinx it, Ozzie.

    Koopaling attacks!

    Nice one, man.

    Oh man, you guys are hilariously bad. Maybe Easy is necessary. ^^;;;

    "Time for the drum solo!" Perfect for a Leela voice pack.

    You got beat up by all the explosions.

    Peach's practically a zombie anyway.

    Donkey Kong's grandfather, not father.

    So, Bowser's just kidnapping Peach to have an affair?

    "Donkeys aren't monkeys! Stop messing with my head!"

    Stupid retcons. I hate retcons.

    Time to torch a witch.

    She better be dead! Geez!

    Dance! I command it!

    You're going to waste that health pack at this rate.

    On Easy, are you going to need a defib? ........................................yeah, better get both.

    That's not a bad idea!


    Don't blame the door for your problems.

    Damn, that Boo is scary.

    "That's fine! I'm gonna start my own tattoo parlor! With hookers...and...blackjack. You know? Forget the tattoo parlor!"

    "I don't need to drink. I can quit any time I want."

    You can get into the bar from a different angle.


    There's no reason Yoshi can't be an enemy in the game.

    She? I thought Birdo was a he.

    Look at all that cash. Looks like a job for Bender.

    He's not that kind of doctor. Do not let him touch him.

    No, I didn't get the Aladdin thing at all until you said something.

    Is it weird that I was thinking of the stem cell episode at the same time?

    "I did the nasty in the past-y." "Verily! And that past nastification..." I can't remember the last bit.

    He is the uncle.

    Nice one, Oz.

    Damn, that died fast.

    Take your pills, grandpa.

    Where's the M60?

    That is freaky as hell.

    Once again, into the sewage.

    Thank god this is on Easy. You guys are terrible shots.

    The M60 achievement is so freaking hard.

    You drop down, guys.

    I feel your frustration, Oz.

    Damn, Farnsworth just lost it.

    And a Spitter. Damn.

    Ozzie did one damage to the tank.

    No. You guys should not split up.

    Wow! The mod replaces the originals, too?

    You're going to kite the tanks?

    Bill was my favorite survivor. Can't believe they killed him off. >P

    Gripe less. Gas more.

    Stairs here!

    Ojunix would never survive the zombie apocalypse. Someone would cap him in the knee at the very least.

    How weird.

    Why does Lady want him to burn so much?

    " SnuSnu!"

    Tank goodness!

    Ojunix is down.

    Man, adrenaline gas fill is FAST.

    Time to make your getway!

    Ozzie needs to save everyone today.

    This was Valve saying "Stop asking to see the old team again. Bill's dead. It's over. NO MORE DLC."

    Man, Ozzie just keeps hitting teammates.