Thursday, August 14, 2014

MMO Ramblings: Everquest

In this edition of MMO Ramblings Ozzie takes a moment to share some thoughts and memories of the MMO that helped kick start the genre to what it would become. Everquest the game that arguably started it all (No offense UO) back in 1999.

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  1. Ah, Everbreast. Been awhile.

    God, that game looks like ass. Well, dated, at least.

    That does look like a better UI.

    Stop chasing WoW.

    That game looks like ASS.

    No. I don't love my first MMO. Ultima Online wasn't very good.

    Who wants Orc belts? Is this some weird fetish?

    Amusement Park MMO?

    Sounds like a Bethesda game.

    Kill Critters!

    That sounds a lot like a Bethesda game.

    That sounds like Ultima Online. I miss my gear.

    Good "for its time".

    The low graphics allow for bigger worlds, I guess.

    I hate when games do that.

    Or you could use your own music - I have so many dance CDs. =)

    Dwarf Paladin - Holy Warrior of the Sacred Kegger.

    Orc city of Crushbone? Great name!

    You laid hands on yourself? In public?

    Try killing Omega Weapon in FF8.

    It's a soul train, baby!

    A troll warrior? To the message boards!

    It's the BO, man.

    So, you crushed bones in Crushbone?

    The game touched you in places. =P