Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Left 4 Mod 2: Pony Edition - Zombies are Magic

This is it, the final episode of Left 4 Mod 2. Ozzie and Crew take on Left 4 Dead 2's Cold Stream campaign as... PONIES?!

Warning: Some of our jokes are a little twisted an inappropriate. But considering this involves zombies and blood splattering everywhere, children should not be watching anyhow.

Mods in use
Pony Survivors

Weapon Mods

1 comment:

  1. You hate everyone because you're ponies?

    Outvoted on your own LP.

    You hate ponies, but if you must, you have a specific pony in mind. Sure, you're upset.

    "This is indeed a disturbing universe."

    I love watching the pistols reload.

    Friendship is violence, eh?

    Fun fun fun?

    Tasteless? Did they look like zombie ponies?

    Nice work, Oz. This is why I keep saying you'd die horribly on Normal.

    There's pony weapons.

    Another crash. And people wonder why I like the consoles.

    Join game - get pounded. Good call.

    Double boom. That sounds like a song lyric.

    That's a name that just lends itself to annoying memes - (does something wrong) "Oh.........Junix. *eye roll and smile*.

    Been on the weird sites, Oz?

    Rainbow Dash is your waifu?

    Yes play? Man, that sounds like a PBEM.

    Damn. You got wrecked.

    There's no reason you can't have voice packs for these mods.

    "I don't hate Bronies. I just don't want my daughter marrying one."




    "Ah, natural light! Get it off me! Get it off me!"

    Sparkly gun.

    Ozzie just saved TZ with a dashing assault rifle. I dub thee - Rambo Dash.

    That should shoot sparkly bullets.

    Everything but the kitchen sink.

    Don't be a friendly firer, Oz. Even as a joke.

    You kind of have to roll like that.

    No, you're not that pretty.

    Nice work, Oz.

    I like the Pony vs Edward picture - Twilight Sparkle vs Twilight Spark: Know the difference. It will save your life.

    I have not seen the Weird Al episode.

    Lost, are we?

    "You said it, not me."

    Splitting up? Never a good idea.

    I love how nonchalant "Oh, I lit myself on fire" was said.

    I watched Rainbow Dash battle Starscream in a Death Battle.

    That sounds like a joke comment, dude.


    Pinkie Pie is a drug fiend?

    "How the hell did I get on fire?" - Things you hear playing video games.

    Beware strong currents.

    Forget them. Keep going.

    You guys could never survive on Normal.

    That was so sad.

    They DO warn you strong current pretty early.

    DAMN! Lens Flare!

    I'm not going to comment about that. You're welcome.

    And again.

    I don't watch the podcasts. Or listen to them. Anymore. Too long. @_@

    I've seen lazy toy recoloring before. Like Classic Cyclops was a repaint of X-Factor Cyclops.

    Gotta love the deep, in-depth discussion on pony purchases.

    This is why we can't have nice things?

    The Winnebago of evil was funny.

    Strong currents. Watch out.

    Could be worse. Could be laser cat blind.

    Blind again. Just can't catch a break.

    Magnetic pony butt?

    And half the team is down.

    Man, that was brutal.

    Two defibs. You're probably going to need them.

    Show accurate guns?

    A very in-depth discussion of pony canon.


    A Grease mod?

    Nice work, Boba.

    Horde fail? No, there they are.

    Boba is down. Keep moving. There's no saving him. He's off to the great glue factory in the sky.

    Ozzie, use your kit.

    Boba's trapped in the closet.

    Advanced computer graphics - unbreakable windows.

    Ojunix, use your kit.

    Hit him in the back.

    What is that weird symbol in the upper right corner?

    So, I should call the FBI now or when the video ends? =P

    Time to call the chopper. And hear the horrified voice of the pilot when he sees the passengers.

    Oz needs drugs.

    You not reloading that sniper rifle makes my ADD twitch.

    Oooooh. Nice river.


    Man, what is wrong with you guys?

    The special infected are really pouring it on.

    Watching Pinkie Pie mow zombies down with that SMG was awesome.

    Why did you two go back?

    Man, what a massacre.