Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ozzie & Crew Fail at Killing Floor

We had plenty of issues even getting this match started due to server issues caused by the most recent patch. And this game... didn't go so well... ENJOY!

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1 comment:

  1. Ozzie and crew now?

    That sounds...magical?

    I actually hate Christmas music.

    How do you make the slowdown work in multiplayer? Won't that annoy the hell out of other players?

    Are we mixing and matching our reviewer memes? That's a sign of senility. =P

    Evil Santa Lair?

    No visuals. Beware surprise butseks.

    And Ozzie is down.

    Get to the trader! Buy shit! Capitalism!

    Who needs health? We're hardcore!

    Why is it better to heal each other?

    The Ice Spiders are here.

    Gotta admit, this is great with this music.

    You're getting brutalized.

    Don't try to blame the server for your failures. =P

    A spider butt raped you? There was surprise butseks! I called it!

    You guys are screwed.

    Explosions in an enclosed space. Lovely.

    Normal doesn't seem to be your thing. =P

    Don't jinx it, Oz.

    And you're down. Again.

    Such low health.

    There's a lot of weapons 'cause you're all dying.

    That was brutal.