Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ozzie & Crew Play Borderlands 2 - Part 2

In this episode Ozzie and the gang do the side missions in Liars Berg before heading on to continue the story.

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  1. Quest? More like death parade.

    Thanks Claptrap.

    Wow, look at that stuttering. I'm so getting the Pre-Sequel on the 360.

    You're off to get a shield. And hair.

    What's wrong with that? Claptrap's hilarious.

    You don't know. Flynt could have tiny feet.

    Ozzie needs food badly.

    Nice work, Claptrap.

    Shotgun midget! Shotgun midget!

    What's with that helmet?

    Kill with melee! No shooting!

    It is not. You're just weak.

    You can't get up there, I think. We tried a lot.

    Yeah, go for the fuse. And the chest. And the loot.

    Obsessed with the vault symbols? I just happened to know where they were and pointed them out! -_- Obsessed. Why I helped you get badass points, I'll never know.

    And there goes my cameo. Yay. >P the vault symbol isn't too much trouble.

    Look. Loot. Wasn't that worth it?

    Go back and turn in the quest, guys.

    Why would you give it to Claptrap, anyway?

    Ah, Jack. Such a gentleman.

    He's a sociopath. As are you.

    They were dating. As was said in the game several times.

    You're on the organ trail.

    God, Rakks. I hate Rakks.

    Some friends. =P Gonna let you just lay there.

    So you grinded some? Well, I suppose that's okay not to see.

    Oz, I showed you that challenge before. Must have forgotten.

    So much for the other telescopes.

    Yeah, she is. I remember from when you played her. @_@

    It's not a design flaw. You just need to stay out of the water.

    They stole your kills and your loot. What great teammates. I may have been obnoxious, but at least I shared. =)

    Only in Borderlands is "I think I saw a midget. On fire." not unusual.

    Dupe? Doop? What?

    Off to the boats.

    You're recording a promo. Or a porno. Something like that.

    Did you fall in the water again?

    A purple head.

    Yeah, you probably should have headed for Oz.

    I'm getting L4D flashbacks watching this.

    You spawned on loot. Not bad!

    And you missed the other telescopes. This video series is going to be painful for me.

    Always assume not solid.

    Yeah. I saw badass in his name and I'm not fullscreen. And my eyes are bleary because it's close to sleep time.

    There's a challenge here, too, with Midgemong. I think you have to kill the mong first.

    Time for some super loot from the bar.

    Boba dies a lot, I noticed.

    Why not? Worried others will grab the loot first?

    You could share. That's always an option.