Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ozzie & Crew Play Borderlands 2 - Part 3

Ozzie & Crew return for another Let's Play of Borderlands 2. In this episode they take on Captain Flynt and his crew members Boom Bewm on their way to Sanctuary!

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  1. And we're back.

    A shotgun? Did you give Claptrap the hair?

    You got head?

    Ozzie's got some anger issues when he's using his anger power.

    Did you have to go there?

    Platform, dammit! Platform like your life depends on it!

    Butt Stallion is a girl? I just got that. Double bad name.

    Yes, let us worry about challenges now. =P

    Son of a midget?

    It's raining loot. Hallelujah.

    What was with that gooey sound? Oh, porta-jon.

    Not going to let him jabber?

    What's with that noise feedback?

    Yeah, Claptrap isn't very popular.

    I don't think setting Claptrap on fire counts towards your psycho ranking.

    I hate when people phaselock enemies and ruin my shots.

    You could have all been Kreigs. The game doesn't forbid that, I think.

    Yeah! Stupid fall damage and it's realism!

    Buy some health, Oz.

    Man, half the fun of this game was waiting for Boba to get on and just............sitting there. Doing nothing. So much wasted time...

    You make extremely dated references that reveal your ages. =P

    Ozzie respawns.

    I know a guy at work who wears nothing but mohawks. He also insists we call him Hawk.

    You guys aren't a very good team.

    Okay, you need to stop now.

    That's a terrible gun, yeah.

    Oh right, isn't Kreig's thing that the player hears different things than everyone else?

    It must do something. Superman flinches from thrown guns.

    Is there anyone on Pandora who isn't a villain to some extent?

    Didn't I teach you this trick?

    And another boss bites the dust.

    Salty dog?


    Cutting off more dialogue, eh?