Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ozzie & Crew Play Borderlands 2 - Part 1

Ozzie & Crew begin a new game. They head to Pandora for Borderlands 2.

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  1. This is going to be so weird watching this. Especially since I used to be team leader...............shut up! I was!

    You could skip this part.

    There's canon on who opened the vault? Shouldn't it have been the whole group?

    I did play as Roland.

    He worked for Atlas, not Hyperion. I think.

    I'm going to miss playing the Pre-Sequel with you guys. I'm getting it for the 360.

    Convenient, Marcus. That's what everyone else calls them, too.

    You're not scared of the Nostalgia Critic? He has a gun.

    Don't suck up to the Critic, Zero.

    Wait, why isn't Test Zero playing as Zero?

    Now it's Oz shushing everyone.

    124 gold keys?! Geez!

    Why didn't you take the health kit?

    The internet doesn't care.

    The rubber banding is pretty bad.

    You just keep avoiding health items.

    You didn't get it, Oz. You ignored it.

    At this point, I think the statute of limitations has expired on spoilers.

    I remember hanging around areas like this; waiting for Boba to get online.

    Am I really going to sit through Borderlands 2 again? o.o

    It works in a mission.

    I farmed destroying boulders with him.

    You're not going to let the dialogue play, are you?

    The Re-Tardis?

    Without my steady hand, you're just ignoring everything. You suffer without my leadership.

    So. Much. Skipped. Dialogue.

    Sir Hammerlock - your very British stereotype.

    You're going to miss so many locational challenges, too, aren't you?