Thursday, October 2, 2014

Matt Plays Smite with Ozzie and Ojunix

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  1. Oh lovely. Small screen.

    God customization. Now that's some old time religion.

    What's with all those weird noises? Sinus issues?


    God, that's a lot of menus.

    Speed camp? Mana camp? Is there Band camp?

    Let there be light!

    Dead already? Puny god.

    Did you just level? Do gods level?

    Can't cross the line?

    They're holding back and messing you guys up.

    Ah, you crossed.


    Aaaaaand down.

    What do these camps do? Weird.

    Dead again.

    Ozzie's an ice man.

    Nobody compares you to Gohan.

    Godzzie Arcane? Really?

    This is a weird game.

    Dead again. o.o

    "I can't do anything without Zeus getting up my ass." That's Greek Mythology in a nutshell.

    Magical Penetration. Shouldn't that be Zeus' ability?

    Tower down! Tower down!

    "C'mon...get up." I could so make a erectile dysfunction joke there.

    Man, that hammer toss is brutal.


    Some people die more, others never truly frag and level up.

    Just go "Oh...Junix."

    Grab the hearts! Heal up!

    Max beer?

    Your health isn't that low. Why are you running?

    Again with the f'ing axe.

    Does this game have any storyline?

    The screen is so small I can't see what's going on and live comment in my usual style at the same time.

    Aaaaaand it's over. Victory!