Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ozzie & Crew SMITE The Arena

Ozzie is joined by Mad Matt, Dedlok, and Ojunix for a round of Arena combat as he takes to the field as a dashing wolf in a top hat. Ready for a blood bath?

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  1. Hello again.

    Lord Slashington is here.

    We have Ozzie...Ojunix...Deadlok...and some guy.

    Artemis. I'm really liking her.

    Good thing. Joust just pushes my buttons.

    No, she's not an assassin.

    Ra has the most patriotic skin ever.

    Which skin for gems?

    Cacodemon skin for Ymir?

    Yeah, Ojunix needs mana. Artemis needs it early game.

    Off to Damage Camp - adjacent to Band Camp.

    Gee Grandma, what a big death ratio you have.

    AFK teammates. That needs to be punished more than it is.

    Thor goes down...HARD.

    Gee Grandma... Okay, I won't do the joke again.

    Is there any mode it's good to be handicapped in?

    Lead the God, Oz.

    Get heals, Oz.

    Too late. ^^;;;

    Ozzie, don't stay in the circle.

    -_- Dead again.

    Poor Oz. He gets damaged easy.

    Damn........nice kills.



    What a match! =)

    And they stop Ozzie just as he said he can't be stopped.

    Geez! This game's a massacre!

    And now Ozzie has an an attack buff. Good lord.

    Why can't I make Fenrir kill like that? Damn.

    And it's over. @_@ Holy crap.