Friday, October 3, 2014

Ozzie & Crew SMITE Their Foes!

Ozzie, Mad Matt, and Ojunix team up for a game of Smite.

For a different perspective on the same match Matt also uploaded his recording of it.

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  1. Practicing new personas?

    You feeling okay, guys?

    Zeus was kicking your ass last time.

    Pig dog?

    "Shoot him in the face." That's your solution to everything.

    They lost a guy? This is going to be a short match.

    Squishy bears.

    "I am honored to break your face"?

    o.O What happened?

    "Now I'm ready for battle!" What was before? Practice?

    These guys aren't laying down and dying.

    Interesting game mechanic.

    Ozzie's lost some health.

    Don't get cocky, Ozzie.

    And they lost another person.

    No way to join mid-match?

    And their guy came back.

    Did you just lose your whole team?

    And the whole team is back. Suddenly it's not looking like such an easy fight.

    That's Godzzie Arcane; bringing today's hits and yesterday's favorites.

    "Jungling"? That's a term?

    Ozzie busting out the golden chains.

    And the enemy team goes down.

    Phoenix down.

    Ozzie with the chains again.

    What an unfair match.

    That was just brutal.

    And the match is over. o.o Damn.

    Ares is chest bumping an orc?

    Don't be a dick, Oz.