Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ozzie Rants: Wii U, Nintendo, Fans, and Their Failings (Mario Kart 8 Gameplay)

Ozzie rambles and rambles and rambles about things the Wii U has done wrong all while playing Mario Kart 8 as Wendy Koopa.

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  1. Screwattack network? Is that from the footage?

    And the poor decisions of Nintendo.

    Yeah, Pro-Controller for the win.

    That's why the Wii sold well, too. Low price.

    You tell those fanboys, Oz.

    Man, they're trying to murder you on that footage.

    No externals, please.

    These are interesting levels. Neat gimmicks.

    Oh yeah, tied to the console. Wasn't that the thing on the Wii, too?

    Man, that's the thing that turned me off the system when you explained it before.

    This level is trippy. @_@

    Yeah, that's the same issue with BC on anything.

    And people have varying schedules. Online works around all that so much better.

    HoD also has amazing music remixes. =)

    VCR? Interesting reference.