Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Backlog: Bioshock 2

Note: The Backlog is what I will refer to games I couldn't find the time to give a video review going forward.

I previously did a written review on Bioshock 1 in 2012 which can be found at...

That might help explain some of my thoughts on the basic premise before talking about Bioshock 2 itself. Now I know this game got a lot of flack when it came out. Both over the fact that it had multiplayer and that many felt it didn't live up to the previous game.

I actually have to say I disagree on the second point. I enjoyed the story MORE in Bioshock 2 then I did in Bioshock. At a first glance the idea of playing as a Bid Daddy, these hulking monsters seems a tad absurd. But when you stop to think about it, they're not really monsters. They used to be human. Made all the more clear and horrifying in that opening cutscene where the Antagonist mind controls Delta before making him remove his helmet and shoot himself in the head all while we watch the event through his eyes. No I don't consider that a spoiler, it is literally the first scene in the game.

The first game makes you stop and think about actions in games. How we just do what the game tells us. Bioshock 2 takes a pair we basically just saw as objects in the game previously A Big Daddy and his Little Sister, then put us in the shoes of the Big Daddy. But not just any Big Daddy, one who has had his Little Sister taken from him. His entire reason for living, not to mention being separated basically puts his life on a timer.

And while I won't spoil it, the ending did bring me to tears. I can't deny that. But much like the first game IMO this one also suffers greatly from all the space in between the major story sections. After the opening, there isn't much that happens that is very memorable until close to the end of the game.

I also found it weird that despite the situation your character is in, the game still expects you to kill other Big Daddies and take their Little Sisters for you own in order to make yourself stronger. Seems a bit contradictary to the main story.

I can't actually comment on the multiplayer aspect of the game, not for lack of trying. I literally could not get a match started, there doesn't seem to be much of anyone playing online anymore.

Overall I'd say it's an average game with an above average story. If you liked the first game and avoided this one because of reviews, you might want to reconsider IMO.

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