Sunday, November 16, 2014

Left 4 Mod 2: Crash Course

The Left 4 Mod 2 crew returns again for another campaign originating from Left 4 Dead 1. This time our survivors are the bastard child of Bill and a Gnome, Two Face, Jack Skellington, and Rikku.

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  1. Hey again, guys.

    Funny. Couldn't be bothered in Nazi Zombies to introduce us every time. >P

    Not going to introduce Ojunix's mom? That is her, right? Or is that Boba's wife?

    What is with these mods? o.O YIKES.

    Don't be a creeper, Oz.

    You guys can form an X-Men porn parody - The Ass Men.

    I'm surprised you aren't playing as the Joker and trying to wham Ojunix with the crowbar while he's playing Robin.

    Nice shot, Oz. ^^;;

    Can a neckless man be a neckbeard?

    And now everything's on fire.

    Ojunix isn't a minion or a sidekick. He's the team mascot.

    My friend Kimi can't stop playing XIV...or trying to get me to play it.

    I'm weirded out by tanks going down so fast.

    Dude! Car alarm!

    For once.

    Ojunix just keeps running ahead.

    This match just keeps getting worse and worse. It's a parade of fail.

    Hearing "weapons!" in stereo is funky.


    You took too long. The director sent in zombies.

    The lag is noticeable.

    And now there's more fire.

    Time to run.

    I see some poor teamwork skills. Extremely poor.

    2 part campaigns. Talk about lazy.

    Not THAT much longer.

    CEDA is the CDC in this game.

    I think the smoker died.

    No comment.

    I'm not playing L4D2 with you guys with that whole safe room door BS.

    Time to leave that mod.

    Jockey Bob?

    Bile Jars can be useful. Especially if you throw it and then set the area on fire.

    Are you shotgun sniping?

    Man, this is getting ugly. Even on Easy, you guys look like you're going to lose.

    Everyone's in the back. Who's driving?

    Back to Killing Floor. The game I won't play without controller support.