Saturday, November 29, 2014

Left 4 Mod 2: Dead Air

Now it's time for Ozzie's crew to deal with mods from a series they don't know anything about, The Walking Dead. Ozzie plays as Kenny, Test Zero as Lee Everett, Boba Vhett as Chuck, and Ojunix as Molly.

1 comment:

  1. Left 4 Dead Air works better. Test Zero for the win.

    The bear's driving?


    Oh wow. That's obnoxious.

    Chuck the Train Hobo?

    Not really. Zombies in that series don't run.

    This is going to be a long Let's Play, isn't it?

    Bad commercial jingle. -10 points.

    And now Family Guy?

    And then we lost Test Zero.

    And it wasn't Versus initially, too.

    You're confused a lot.


    It's time for Test Zero to come out of the closet.

    There's no Nazi Gold, Ozzie.

    Lee died for our sins.

    -_- Nicely done.

    I wouldn't know. I haven't seen the series. Or played the games.

    How would they? Clementine's a child.

    -_- I hate scatological humor.

    Horde's coming. No time to prepare.

    Tired meme. - 10 points.

    You guys would never survive the Zombie Apocalypse. You'd never survive any apocalypse. >P

    Tank's on easy make me sad.

    One day I'm playing against you guys in Versus and there will be such sadness. XD

    The game's giving you drugs...courtesy of the third party server.


    Just say "Leeroy Jenkins." He'll get that.

    Test Zero caught a fish this big.

    SHUT. UP.

    Navi grates on the nerves.

    Navi's in Hyrule Warriors? I thought that was a different fairy.

    Your puns need work.

    Here comes the sun...I mean horde.

    You guys are going to kill yourselves. Even on easy. Amazing.

    Takes you awhile to notice, I see.

    And now you're singing.

    Good thing you got him before your teammates blew him up on you.

    You don't need to repeat Kenny.

    You go up the parking lot.

    Boba Vhett's role in the zombie apocalypse? He's the guy you shoot in the leg to escape a horde.

    Oh my god. -_-

    Ozzie, take your drugs.

    We want a giant pile of bullets.

    I'm surprised you didn't find and use a mod to replace these characters with the original Borderlands characters.


    What the hell?

    Two magnums. The game is pitying you.

    Drugs, man.

    Bodies aren't supposed to contort like that.

    Nobody tells a zombie that.

    He's taking the gas can to Reno.

    Not going to warn the team, Ozzie?

    -_- Guys, enough.

    God isn't dead. My computer is god.

    It's not confusing.

    Watch out for the metal detector.

    Here we go.

    Because you're zombie bait.

    Test Zero just left him to die.

    You made it. I'm out $5.

    I think they can break the door down eventually.

    Maybe it'll be helpful.

    Such coordination. ^^;;

    Because you're the least popular member of the team?

    More singing?

    That was...huh. o.o

    Through the fire and the flames we carry on.

    -_- No. Bad.