Friday, November 21, 2014

Left 4 Mod 2: Death Toll

Ozzie knows fuck all about Minecraft but let's do this anyhow! The Death Toll campaign originating from Left for Dead 1 but with Minecraft survivors, zombies, and weapons!

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  1. Greetings everyone? What about greeting some people and not others? Mind blown!

    No, it would not.


    You guys need a speech writer.

    Damn, this looks weird.

    Still shooting each other, though.

    Take what you can get.

    Creeper is the boomer. That's a nice touch.

    No kidding.

    Wow. That makes the jockey creepier.

    No sniping, Oz.

    That doesn't look like an ender.

    That's some bad pathfinding.

    When Ojunix is giggly, I worry.

    Nice work, Ojunix. -_-

    I said that already!

    Ojunix needs a refresher course?

    Yeah, I was waiting for a Ghostbusters reference.

    Diamond shotgun. Not bad.

    Poor Ozzie.

    "Just" a diamond shotgun?

    You have a game?

    Smart jockey.

    A Monty Python reference now?

    Drugs, man.

    Man, easy tanks. -_- Just so wrong.

    He's saying it wrong again.

    Turn it down or I will set you on fire? Interesting threat.

    Ojunix is giddy about witches again. Beware.

    Chicken as witch. What is this, Legend of Zelda?

    You're streaming this?

    I beat you to the zelda comment.

    Poorly spelled psycho.

    Assuming the pose.

    That's never a good sign.

    What great teammates. I am never playing Left 4 Dead with you guys.

    Boba died for our sins?

    Meanwhile, Boba's on top of the train car in the pose.

    You can shoot the tongue, Ozzie.

    TestZero's in the closet.

    Use your adrenaline, Oz.

    People who lag behind in Left 4 Dead don't tend to live very long.

    So TestZero just ignores you? Man, what a pack of idiots.

    You're going to need oxygen from all the screaming.

    He's been infected and he's in the middle of transforming. He's not in his right mind.

    Another level ending in church. Always at the church.

    How do you not hear the zombies coming, Oz?

    Tired memes don't impress.

    A zombie sniping spot.

    How do you not notice being hit from behind?

    You're by yourself, Oz.

    They rush pretty fast when someone else gets attacked. =P

    Ozzie's gotta be the hero. Good thing he's got a sword.

    Your plan involves your teammates, which is where it fails.

    Man, if you guys were playing on Normal, these videos would be 4 hours long.

    -_- Oh my god. Are you serious?

    His pronunciations hurt me.

    Using the sword on a door is probably not making the door useful.

    Why you? Because your friends aren't likely to save you. They know this.

    The director is just giving you health kits.

    I think the zombies are just going to keep coming.

    Your plan wasn't going to work.

    Yeah, the game kind of told you they were.

    Up the stairs, Ozzie.

    They'll go for TestZero right away. You? Not so much.

    He's not a dick. He knows what he's doing.

    Was I part of that Expert run? I can't recall. Probably not.

    Nope. Guess I wasn't.

    Use the explosive.

    Fried chicken.

    I managed to beat the first campaign on expert.

    This is going to be ugly, isn't it?

    Are you insane? A tank or charger would wreck you.

    Yeah, ugly it is.

    Never playing Left 4 Dead with you guys. I would rage.

    Boba's by himself.

    Sniper Shotgun. Not bad.

    Do you?

    Zombies have more climbing options.

    Death troll?

    I can't wait. ^^;;