Sunday, November 2, 2014

Left 4 Mod 2: No Mercy

You thought it was over but it's back! Left 4 Mod 2 returns for Halloween. Ozzie, Test Zero, Ojunix, and Boba Vhett take to the No Mercy campaign of Left 4 Dead 1 in this video from the archives. It's a Resident Evil/Evil Dead crossover as Wesker, Ash Williams, Leon Kennedy, and Rachel team up to take on the hordes.

1 comment:

  1. Echo at first!

    Oh joy, Left 4 Dead 1 stage. =)

    Ojunix is enjoying his new breasts.

    Old-Fashioned Scott?

    Ojunix is an enthusiastic gender bender. Entirely too into it.

    Lady? You? Please.

    This is going to be one of those videos, isn't it.

    Friendly Fire would end these videos so fast. Or make them last forever. Depending.

    What weird monster mods. What are they?

    Everybody's lost.

    And modding these characters doesn't?

    I didn't play RE 6 very much. It sucked.

    Five was okay. Sort of.

    Note: If I end up in the zombie apocalypse, shoot Ojunix in the leg.


    Everyone's having a good laugh today.

    And we're back to the breasts.


    Heal. We want to watch.


    Well done, Ozzie. -_-

    Stop the whistling.

    What's with the singing?

    Kill the zombie by shooting them in the head! It's a classic for a reason.

    Tank in just the wrong spot. Love it.

    That tank did die pretty fast.

    Ojunix is indefensible.

    Again with the singing.

    Wasted can. Bah.

    This should be good.

    A little early for hitting the can, isn't it?

    Yeah, there's no way you could play on a stage with friendly fire on.

    Smoked and fire. Damn.

    You keep getting the door slammed on you, Oz.

    Oh...junix. -_-

    What the hell is wrong with you guys?

    I am not playing Left 4 Dead ANYTHING with you lot.

    -_- That's really ridiculous. Come on.

    Smoked and fire again.

    Wow. Your teammates are insane.

    o.o What the hell is going on here?

    In God, we trust. Everyone else...pays cash.

    Not really, no.

    That was hilarious! Surprise Tank!

    Tanks die pretty quick. o.O Was it always like that?

    "We represent...the Lollypop Guild!"

    Through the fire and the flames.

    I would have been so amused if you had run into the witch while walking sideways.

    You guys need a hospital after all the crap you've been through.

    o.o Ojunix is such a dick.

    Well, that's unsanitary.

    You two are connecting on a mental level. That's scary.

    And now you're arguing 60's/70's TV.

    In Versus, you guys would be dead so fast.

    Don't call for a Tank.

    You're all insane.

    Maybe you should play with friendly fire on. It's the only way to get your team to behave.

    Fire bullets should make're all gonna shoot each other, aren't you?

    Ah, the chaos of Left 4 Dead.

    Don't jump off the building. =P

    -_- Seriously?

    And then, there was the last stage. I'm not optimistic. =P

    This is some weird banter.

    Molotovs. Pronounce it correctly, Ojunix.

    Stop saying it like that! It's like a dagger in my ear.

    Damn, Tanks die fast. I do not understand.

    TestZero's kind of rescue bait for this session.

    Lots of accidental fire this match.

    Wow. Pretty smart for a tank.

    -_- You guys are terrible.