Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ozzie and Matt Play: The First Templar Part 1

Ozzie and Matt dive into one of the worst games that Ozzie has reviewed on Backlogged Gaming. The First Templar, so join us as we embark on our quest for the Holy Grail.

Mad Matt's youtube channel

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  1. The Holy Grail is in the castle of AGGHHH!

    That...was terrible synching.

    What the hell? What was with that?

    Yeah, the game doesn't appear to be work properly.

    Love the super calm dialogue in what should be a tense situation.

    Experiencing it? You're inflicting this on him.

    Where else do you put experience?

    Matt's slightly too loud, voice-wise.

    What's going on?

    Yes, drink the strange liquid in an enemy camp.

    Wilhelm scream?

    Amen? That's not the end of the passage.

    Something bothers you? The game's self-aware?

    It's telling you how to block, but you don't seem to be learning it.

    Drinking strange liquids again?

    So, it's your fault, Ozzie.

    Spoiler alert?

    Side quest thingie? Is that what you said?

    You should have chosen words. You aren't very good at swords.


    I'm hearing an echo. Mic is too loud on Matt, I think.

    That new sword is slow.

    Hide and go seek? Guess you're making your own fun in a game like this.

    God's helping you with collectibles.

    Were you going to loot a burning house?

    How high is Matt?

    He's one healthy temporary character.

    Not really, no.

    I could have come up with something wittier. >P

    Gotta love unnecessary obstacles.


    Gotta love how that guy flips his attitude on a dime.