Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ozzie & Crew Play: Nazi Zombie Army Part 1

Ozzie and Crew delve into the first episode of a new Let's Play. It's World War II and Hitler has his back to the wall, so he unleashes a horde of zombies as his secret weapon. Can our heroes survive the horror? Can they survive Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army?

1 comment:

  1. I'm going to jump ahead and comment on this one. I'll go back for the others afterwards.

    What's the accent you were attempting when you said "kill nazis"?

    Ojunix the minion. ^^;;

    Pity return for Dedlok.

    It does not sound more villainous!

    You do not have to talk like a nazi, Ojunix.

    I still want a working vehicle.

    Don't kill the help, Adolf. It ruins morale.

    I still want some cheesy production values.

    Damn, that's a nice headshot.

    Everyone sings along. Gotta love it.

    Ojunix is down already. ^^;;;;

    Can't use the head. There's a head already in it.

    Rockettes unite!

    I hate the loot mechanic. It's pretty awkward.

    Pissed off zombies will soon be dead zombies. Hell, calm zombies will be dead zombies.

    Headshots left and right. Gotta love it.

    It's weird hearing my own voice! I think a friend at work thinks we sound similar, Oz. He wondered it the voice in the intro was me.

    Ozzie just triggered the horde.

    Who's burying the dead in their garden? Right in front of the porch, too.

    I saw the gold bar pop for you, Oz. You must have missed it.


    I'm just tanking with that shotgun. I love it.

    Look on the bright side of life, Oz.

    Doing things only the Shotgun Man can.

    Look at all the toys!

    You're too slow, Oz.

    Simpsons reference for the win.

    Nice shot, Oz.

    Well, it's good you're watching our behinds.

    Man, that room is messed up. I wonder if I noticed it at the time.

    I shouldn't have used the S word. It's a rocket launcher not a shotgun.

    Still! Rocket launcher! Pretty nice, you know.

    Beautiful shot, Oz.

    Let the Shotgun Man handle it.

    That must be how I got so many points. I didn't get large kills, but I got a lot of small ones.

    Boss monster got me.

    Did the kamikaze get the boss monster?

    The flaming door is out. Time to book it.

    Abandoned. >P Thanks, guys.

    HA! I love the helmet clang as the bullet hit it!

    Man, that was a big explosion.

    I didn't know you could get the arc for grenades. I need to try that.

    My shotgun, dammit. =P

    Bloody Checkpoints!

    Don't go into the mist, Oz.

    Skeletons! With glowing hearts!

    Just kicking those skeletons.

    Aim at the ground, Oz.

    Got 'em!

    Deadlok is down again.

    Yeah. I look like Herr Flick of the Gestapo.

    Man, I wonder why "I see dead people" never came up.

    Ojunix is down again. ^^;;

    And again!

    Did I just throw a grenade at you? Whoops. ^^;;

    Ojunix is down again! Hahaha! This game is brutal!

    I'm a gun hound. My nose knows.

    Beautiful headshots. Very nicely done.

    2 gold bars for me.

    And then...there were two shotguns.

    Tyler Perry's all about getting to church.

    Bad flying zombies!


    I gotta say, this is a good group for playing games. Good players and witty banter.

    Don't invoke Battletoads. The game that hates players. >P

    The preacher shotgun has a huge radius.

    Ojunix is down again. There's a drinking game in this.

    Minions are not more useful than sidekicks.

    I think that was me sweeping the stairs just then.

    And then there were four shotguns...but mine is the most awesome.

    I hear gophers, I think Caddyshack.

    Ojunix - Joke Killer...Joker? Oh god, I cracked the code!

    Damn, that's rough with the suicide zombies.

    Ojunix is down. Drink!

    17 for 1? I don't remember what I did to make that happen.

    That was impressive. Nice dynamite kill.

    I figure out the trip wire just as it ends.

    Looting the dead just before reviving. Nice.

    Can we get out of this bad neighborhood?

    Quality cut scene.

    That was a fun one! We should do more!