Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ozzie & Crew Play Nazi Zombie Army Part 2

We continue our battle against the undead as we face one of their leaders, the Occult General!

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  1. As opposed to shooting zombies in the foot?

    The streets are always crawling with Nazi Zombies.

    And we're supposed to find the source of the

    Easy hints for the newbies.

    Starting shotgun would be OP.

    Now THAT'S a hint. I rock.

    Opening cinematic!

    New graffiti is weird.

    Hi Zombie. Bye Zombie.

    And yet, it is.

    Thus the joke.

    Whoops! Binoculars view!

    Everybody was kung fu fighting.

    I will not say that.

    Ojunix and his stealth humor.

    Time for the zombie turkey shoot.

    I don't know what the problem is. They drew us a map.

    Eventually. After we clear out the area.

    Damn, I'm just clumsy.

    Ojunix gets it eventually. =)

    Game of Thrones reference!

    Sorry I keep wandering into your shot.

    Looting zombies seems pointless, but it isn't.

    Ojunix is down! Drink!

    Nice shot, Oz!

    Sorry, nice shots, plural!

    Deadlok needs some combat awareness.

    That was a beautiful shot. You didn't even zoom in.

    Everyone wants to shoot the snipers.

    Ozzie beat me to the shotgun. I'm a failure.

    Feels pretty good being the Shotgun Man, eh Oz?

    You missed the gold bar and I grabbed it.

    Barbarians at the gate.

    There are a LOT of zombies down that corridor.


    Thanks for the save, Oz.


    Hitler's trying to scare away the Scooby Gang.

    Don't think too hard, Oz. You're going to have an aneurism.

    Maybe you could frisbee the land mines.

    Lost another shotgun.

    My vote's still on Shotgun Spaz-Out.

    Yoink! Preacher Shotgun!

    That's some magic footwork, Oz.

    Reloading should be a reflex, man.

    Our radio operator's counting down the hits...while desperately praying.

    We keep going to church.

    Why do I go and open doors? That never ends well.

    Ozzie, you're quite the Shotgun Man! Color me impressed.

    Yeah. That area screamed ambush.

    Another siege. Time to run.

    "Thinkie-hole"? I said that?

    I love how there's a delay between some of my jokes and your reactions.

    Zombie snipers are freaking annoying.


    No more glowing at the church! Now we can go there! ....why is that a good thing?

    I am absolved.

    I didn't know how to kill him at the time, so I kept pumping rounds into him.

    In single player, every time you get general damaged, the current zombies die.



    I should not have gone up there to help.


    Round 2! Let's get that boss!


    Actually, we got him this damaged the first time. But we died.

    Not a safe spot, Oz.

    And we got him! Yeah!

    I still get the last comment.