Friday, November 28, 2014

Ozzie & Crew Play Nazi Zombie Army Part 3

Ozzie & Crew continue their battles against the Nazi hordes of undead as they go deep deep down into the tunnels of the Labyrinth of Doom!

1 comment:

  1. There's always time for more zombies.

    It does sound like a 70's horror flick.

    Starting shotgun would still be OP, man.

    Church connections.

    If you're going fast enough, the zombies can't catch 'em.

    It said "Cancel" on the screen. =P

    That pun came out of me? Damn.

    Still don't know what the reference is about.

    Monuments Men. I had such high hopes.

    I really shouldn't touch the wire. Good thing I can't.


    You're going to make the viewers sick...yeah.

    singing time!

    I'm entirely too proud of that.

    Zombie porn dungeon.

    We're surrounded by the undead.

    Good times with shotguns.

    Fire bad.


    Everyone wants a shotgun.

    And why not? They're awesome.

    The mythbusters are zombies.

    Leave it to me to find gold.

    Gotta love those grenade kills.

    Everyone's saying it now.

    That's a lot more hilarious now that I've played the second game.

    And you guys missed it. Shame.

    I wish I knew morse code for those radio transmissions.

    Dynamite is probably your best bet. The explosion is huge.

    We have the junior zombie explorer book as our guide.

    "F'U grenade" and I got no laughs.

    Fresh(ish) air!


    Everyone's back in a hidey hole and I'm staying mobile.

    Wesker? Nah.

    That was a tough nut to crack.

    And that's how you do it.

    Surprise zombies.

    You missed that gold bar.

    You looked right at it!

    Preacher goes BOOM!

    Again with the morse code.

    Nice work, door man.

    Another horde in our face.

    Preacher ammo is so hard to come by.

    For good reason.

    That's a nasty growl. Damn Elites.

    Look at you, trying to tank that Elite! Badass, man.

    It probably would.

    That was a great double kill, Oz.

    You and your weird produce sense of humor.

    And that's where all the damn snipers are.

    Uncooperative zombie bastards.

    Sitting on the tower.

    Doing some sniping.

    Did I already bail on that location?

    Ozzie Claus isn't very on the ball.

    Don't try to kill me, Ozzie!

    Unnecessary, Dedlok.

    Damn, huge score difference.