Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ozzie & Matt Play: The First Templar Part 2

Ozzie and Matt continue their Let's Play of the First Templar, this time they head into the forest to rid it of the curse of a beast!

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  1. Never any rumors of alcohol and partying leprechauns.

    What beast are they looking for? Yoda?

    Strange owls?

    No shit, the bridge is down.

    Cowardly archers.


    I don't think they're going to come out.

    You don't need to roleplay the arrows, Matt.

    Eat the bush?


    Looting! We're a holy order!

    Roast pig! Yum!

    The fake owl?

    Not wanted? Gee, you think?

    Ozzie's eating bushes. Be thankful it wasn't poison oak.

    Love the echo going on in the audio.

    And cabbages and kings!

    Can't go there yet. God decrees it.

    Man, it even sounds like Star Wars music.

    That man sounded irritated, not scared.

    Nice work, man.

    RPG logic for the win.

    Interesting. Accessories.

    And now we're in Skyrim.

    Praying. Good luck with that.

    This animation is just terrible.

    Synchronized tree jumping. I love it.

    Pump it! Pump!

    He is the same guy from the bar!

    That's cold, man.

    They stick out pretty well to me.


    Hold X, Ozzie.

    Yeah, I think he is angry.

    Ooooh, the game's trying philosophy.

    It is not hard to see it. You're just blind.

    Scary face.

    Clues? Maybe we'll find out who the ghost actually is.

    Look around as it prompts you. That's driving me nuts.

    Haven't taken the garbage out? You fiend.


    Random castle. Looting time.

    He sounds like a better Batman than Bale.

    You went up that way before, I think.

    Yeah, just leave that man hanging there.

    Commander sword, eh? Neat.

    Getting turned around, Oz?

    Man, that's rough.

    A graveyard. Also fun times in a graveyard.

    You have more than enough to spend now.

    Looting a cemetery. Classy.

    Man, what a dickhead.

    It's weapons, not clothes.

    I'm going with "yes".

    "Might be"?

    Monks with secrets? You don't say.