Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Left 4 Mod 2: Blood Harvest

It's another episode of Left 4 Mod 2. Welcome to Excelsior edition as we tackle the Blood Harvest Campaign! Stan Lee, Juliet Starling, the Blue Spy, and a plague doctor team up to battle the undead.

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  1. Anonymous?

    Don't sing, Kevin.

    Don't speak, Scott. =P

    Just chucked the theme out the window.

    Kevin! What did I say about singing?

    -_- *sigh*

    These aren't bad mods.

    That's from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.


    What the hell?

    It could have been worse. Dedlok could have been in the game. He'd lose his voice meme-ing.

    You guys are just loaded up on mods.

    You guys are getting messed up this time.

    You keep traveling. Don't jump down.

    I've seen that ad.

    Walk? More like limp.

    Kevin needs brains more than the zombies?

    I'm surprised nobody's made a Sarkeesian mod for the zombies.

    See? I'd be shutting this down. =P

    Yup. When the zombie apocalypse hits, I'm just shooting one of you in the leg and running for it.

    Special ammo's kind of wasted on shotguns.

    I'm with Oz. Immersion don't matter if the gameplay's bad.

    From the ceiling. They can drop down from there.

    Which witch?

    I looked in the trap, Ray.

    What? -_-

    Guys. Making it worse.

    Nice work, Kevin.

    This is turning into a massacre.

    Oh man, I thought that was an undead with a chainsaw for a moment.


    Those were the days.

    Like this one?

    Oh man, that was awesome.

    Nazi Zombie Army rocks.

    So much for the door.

    Kevin is zombie bait. That's true in every game.

    Oh, it's on purpose is it? Suuuure.

    Should have given them to Boba.

    Oh brother. I'd be shooting you more than the zombies.

    Kevin's a rage monkey? Or the jockey is?


    That was hilarious watching them smash out the door.

    The game is giving you a lot of pills. Out of pity.

    Kevin! Pills!

    They have a bone to pick with you. Oh great. Now I'm doing it.

    This is brutal.

    And this is on "easy"?

    This would the point where you throw the bile somewhere to draw the horde away.

    That was insane. o.o I can't believe you survived that.

    Now Oz has his hate on. =P

    The smoker caught you in the air? That was amazing.

    You can be saved. Shoot the tongue.

    Ozzie needs to come out of the closet.

    What is with you guys and fire?!

    I just...I has a sad. -_-

    Tank time.

    That's a great tank mod.

    Tanks on easy make me sad.


    Oh my god... -_-

    Guys. Shut up.

    Wow. Just wow.

    O.O Surprise Boomer.

    Wasn't that a Chris Farley movie?

    Yeah. You guys are definitely zombie bait.

    This is hilarious. Holy crap.

    Into the corn!

    The guy being hit by a hunter doesn't care about your problems. =P

    Man, it's almost like the game knows. ^^

    Another first aid kit! Hahaha!

    This is a tragedy waiting to happen.


    The horde comes at random anyway. It's not a huge stretch.


    The kitchen needs some remodeling.

    So much for not using the upstairs.

    And Ozzie's down.

    Your mom is going to be so pissed when she comes back to see what you did to the house. =P

    Don't tempt fate, Kevin.

    Time to get the hell out of there.

    Haul ass.


    Nice A.P.C.