Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ozzie & Crew Play Nazi Zombie Army Finale

At last we come to the final battle of Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army. The final battle against... The Occult General?! Again?! Are you shitting me?! You recycled the boss from the second stage for the final boss?!

1 comment:

  1. Whoopsie.

    Glad you did!

    The Salvation Army has some great gear. It's all used, of course.

    The giant U rocks.

    It probably is.

    Mr. Patient!

    Exploding doors. The bane of Kevin's existence.

    I'm good at drawing aggro.

    Love the U wordplay.

    I took the subway tunnel.

    The MP40 isn't a bad weapon. Just low on ammo.

    Glowing pillars. That's a good sign.

    Blood for the blood god!

    I'm exploring!

    When the game tells you to go one way, go the other.


    Oh man, everyone's down.

    Getting while the getting's good.

    Yeah, I sort of realize that now. ^^;;

    Man, I got a big head at the moment, don't I?

    I hear demonic child. Shoot her.

    Bad pun! -10 points!

    Getting dizzy with Oz shifting the camera so much.

    I still say 2 sucked. I could name a laundry list of things that was wrong about it.

    Everything catches fire!

    Evil candy.

    That was mean. I shouldn't have made that joke.

    I worry too much.

    Whoa! Look at that camera wig out!

    Dedlok gets the count joke. Lucky.

    And Ojunix, too! It's a trend.

    Ojunix beat you there.

    The only one open.

    Creepy children eat lollypops?

    Damn suiciders.

    High school had a lot of zombie snipers.

    Just trying to encourage you to shoot them.

    The proper attitude to take to zombies.

    Nice shot!

    Duty Calls wasn't a good parody. Good parodies have love for the source material.

    Good point, Kevin.

    Yes, I missed the preacher. Dammit.

    Another Occult General. >P

    Nice work on grenade kills, Kevin. =)

    Ozzie getting his ass beat by a skeleton.

    Cornered by the undead.

    Oooh. Saw that on the wall. Neat shadow effect.

    I get frustrated way too easy.

    Nice shot on the skulls.

    Could have helped, limey. You had a front-row seat to the show.

    Sailing...takes me awaaaaaay........

    Dedlock called that. Geez.

    The first one I don't get the last word in. Well, I kinda do.