Friday, December 5, 2014

Ozzie & Crew Play Nazi Zombie Army Part 4

Ozzie and Crew continue their battle against the Nazi Undead hordes as they head into the Library of Evil to find the Book of Souls. Not to be confused with the Book of Soles because how would shoes help us defeat the zombies?

1 comment:

  1. Even more zombie shooting fun! Huzzah!

    The Berlin Library has all kinds of weird books.

    Weekend at Bernies 2 reference.


    It's weird we transitioned to a subway station, yeah.

    And I'm the one who kept pushing a bad joke?

    Sure you do.

    Damn, that's rough, Oz.

    I'm wrong. This isn't the last stage.

    The stage names messed me up.

    Normally the suicide zombies explode when they stop. That one resumed the chase.

    Love that shadow effect. Very cool.


    RPG Mentality.

    Bottle and I missed it.

    Found gold, though.

    I could have explained that better.

    That is some terrible German Sausage.

    They were invented a generation before WWII. Like in the 1890's or something.

    Ojunix did a good joke...then a bad one.

    That was awful, Oz.

    That sounded bad, yeah.

    Atmosphere, man!

    No, I don't think Green Lantern's gonna work.

    Nice try, suicider!

    Good on you, Ojunix.

    Glue, brains, leadership... =P

    I missed Dedlok saying that.

    Hitler's house?

    Glowing is never a good sign.

    Yeah, it'll be very sad when we die.

    That someone would probably be me.

    Yeah, Disney is "The Mouse" to me.


    Gold in the dark.

    Don't sing along, Kevin.


    Ojunix needs some combat awareness.

    I'm the shotgun man, man.

    I do tend to say "fuck it" and run out there. ^^;;;

    Michael Bay's approval fills me with shame.

    Everyone's going to Felix.

    "Tacos" from you isn't random. It's expected.



    We're badass. We can take her.


    Soul=Not Arguing With Felix?

    I've got a church phobia, too.

    It's a cartoony routine.

    How many little girls does Hell have, anyway?

    Gotta go out the other wing.

    She'll cry when we shoot her.

    Zombie dragon's a no-no.

    Actually, the hooks were there before and I just didn't see them. It would be creepy if they HAD appeared afterwards.

    Pretty damn agile zombie snipers.

    I tend to run a different direction than you guys a lot.

    Elites to the left of me, Elites to the right, here I am. Stuck in the middle with you.

    What's the plural of "Apocalypse"?

    Last word for me again.