Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ozzie & Matt Play The First Templar Part 3

Ozzie and Matt continue First Templar as they arrive at the Abby which has secretly become overrun with corruption... or something.

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  1. Don't you love it when religions that preach poverty live in castles?

    There is only Zuul. I map.

    Can't have you disturbing the sermon.

    You got the experience of kicking open a chest.

    No swords in church.

    I'm pretty sure the torture is worse.

    How much acid has this guy dropped?

    How does anyone notice the heavily armed men "sneaking" behind the guy.

    Men can punish plague?

    Gotta love how this guy is pretty much committing character assassination on himself so you won't feel about bad killing him later.

    Controller for the win.

    The Exposition Fairy has been here.

    This is not laying low.

    The wine dungeon. I like it.

    The importance of not being seen.


    So much for stealth.

    Try again.

    Let's loudly announce our intentions!

    I must break you.

    Saying it loudly, juuuust in case there's any guards. Oy.

    Oh look! Healing "juice"!

    Matt's character fits him.

    Why are the walls lined with spears?

    Run? It's an island.

    The serial killer complains about torture chambers?

    I love how she instantly knows you're there to help her.

    Think there's enough?

    You could probably take them, too. Pointless sacrifice.

    We must dedicate these killings to our mass murdering friend.

    Sewer level. Lovely.


    Why is that even there?

    Very unscholarly, Oz.


    You got a lot of enemies.

    I'm the devil and I run an apartment complex. Looking for a nice room out in the sticks?

    Man, this game is bad.