Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ozzie & Matt Play The First Templar Part 5

There is a sewer level... because why wouldn't there be a sewer level. Also the sewer level is the puzzle level.

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  1. I wonder how many acres are the tunnels of Acre.

    "Do not touch Willie. Good advice."

    Playing with fire, Oz?

    She's leaning at a weird angle. She's a witch!

    "It's glowing. Let's touch it."

    Your senses are on enhanced. You may want to avoid the police.

    Not exactly rocket science.

    The fire effect, philistine.

    "We honor you, brother, with this offering of switches."

    Only noticing this now?

    Nothing like trying to figure out a puzzle.

    They live forever. Anyone remember their names?

    Weird. Your recording shows a steam achievement. Mine doesn't.

    Probably just a shopping list.

    A fine sewer level.

    Is it really an effective trap if everyone can see it coming a mile away?

    Who? Someone who watched Last Crusade.

    Templars or thieves, they all die in the end.

    Close shave.

    Except for that one time.

    No, I saw it ahead of time.

    XP in a chest.

    And bring back loot.

    Watch out, Scooby and Shaggy. There might be ghosts.

    Use your spider sense.

    I imagine there's another way through.

    If I'm gonna die. I wanna die like you, nameless stranger.


    Your horrible death.

    You did open a lot of chests.

    Nobody's laughing, Matt.

    Fresh dead people.