Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Order 1886 Review

For once I'm not horribly late to the party and here I am to talk about a game that has gotten somewhat mixed reviews. Many review sites have critically panned it and yet a couple of people I follow on youtube including one I would almost consider a friend, enjoyed it greatly. So how do I feel? Well... I'm somewhere in the middle.
Some things the game does well and does them incredibly well. Other things, well... just feel like they shouldn't be there. Let's start with the things it does well. The graphics are absolutely beautiful and the story makes good use of them. Almost too much so at times.

The gameplay is good for the cover based shooting sections of the game. I love all of the weapons in the game. I love the way the old timey guns look and sound. I love the sci fi weapons as well, they're interesting. The problem with all of that is, the combat works really well but there simply isn't enough of it. 

The game is split into 16 chapters which almost feels like a lie when I'm saying it. Because half of the chapters are quite literally nothing but dialogue and you might be thinking "Oh god, that means there is a TON of dialogue in this." but not really. The chapters that are nothing but exposition with no gameplay, really aren't much any longer then what you would see in some other games for a cutscene in between actual game levels.

And even in the chapters that aren't all talk, you won't be fighting for all of it. There are also moments where you're just walking and maybe looking for collectibles on the way to your destination. Then there are the stealth sections where you are instantly killed if you're spotted, because apparently a guy who can survive hand to hand combat with a werewolf can't handle a lowly guard with a lantern if they shine it in his face. The stealth sections just have this huge disconnect from the rest of the game.

Remember that cinematic trailer showing several members of The Order working together to fight werewolves? Doesn't happen!
The few instances where you actually encounter werewolves, while I won't say they are terrible... really aren't anything to write home about. They were very forgettable but at least I didn't feel that they hindered the game in the way that the stealth sections did.

Oh yeah and it ends with sequel bait... yay!

Overall the combat is fun when the game actually let me participate in it. But if they do make a sequel the stealth sections absolutely need to go and the werewolves need a complete overhaul in how they work as far as the gameplay goes. But if they work on what they did wrong then I could easily see a sequel vastly outperforming the first game in the series much like how Assassin's Creed II did.

In short, I wouldn't recommend many people pay full price for this. The story is good and the gameplay is fun when it shows it's face, but it's definately not worth $60. I usually don't harp on a game for being too short but the parts that were actually fun really were too short in this case.

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