Thursday, April 9, 2015

My problem with "Teach men not to rape"

So I recently watched a video from Sargon of Akkad on youtube where he was addressing a video by Anna Akana about "How to not get raped" in which she brought up the Teach Men Not to Rape fallacy that seems to imply that men rape because they think it's acceptable. Rapists don't rape because they think it's acceptable, they rape for the same reason people commit tons of other violent crimes. They rape because they're scum.

But the thing I really found funny about this video, aside from Anna's skits which admittedly were funny, I'd probably be less annoyed by feminists if more of them had the sense of humor that she does. But what I found funny was her assertion that women are taught not to go out alone at night in order to avoid getting raped...

See here's the thing, while I can never know what it is actually like to be a girl. When I was growing up and even into early adulthood there is a thing I was constantly told. Never go out walking alone at night. Was this because my parents thought that I would get raped? No, it's because that's the time when all of the world's violent crimes are most likely to occur.

Rapists don't rape at night because they think it's socially acceptable, just like robbers don't rob people at night because they think it's socially acceptable. They commit these acts at night because it is the time of the day they are most likely to get away with it without anyone noticing them.

As for this whole teach men not to rape because of this insane belief that they do it because they think it's okay. If they really thought it was okay do you think they'd deny doing it or try to convince people that it was consensual when they know they can't prove they didn't have sex with her?

There is without a doubt an issue of victim blaming in our society, but saying teach men not to rape assumes all men are rapists and will be as effective as saying teach robbers to not rob or teach murderers to not murder. Scum are scum, teaching them that something is wrong when they already know that isn't going to help. The only solution is ensure they pay for their crimes when they commit them.

Personally I wish we didn't waste so much taxpayer money and prison space on irredeemable scumbags. But unfortunately with how often people are wrongly convicted in this country, the quick bullet to the head they deserve isn't viable.

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