Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fuck Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn

So I was playing Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn for the PS3 recently and as a fan of Dynasty Warriors I was enjoying it for quite a while. I did all the story modes which admittedly were kind of dull because they only ever cover Universal Century Gundam for the most part.

After finishing story mode I went on to play Ultimate Mode which features an missions based on an amalgamation of the Gundam series. With characters who never would have encountered each other interacting and in some cases altering the way the story happened in the actual anime (IE Amuro Ray and Char don't die because Heero Yuy was involved in the battle and took out Axis with the Buster Rifle).

That was cool and all but then I got to the last couple stages, where at this point I had spent 40+ hours on the game and the game suddenly becomes fucking impossible. The last two stages are ones with 8 star ratings. Star ratings determine how hard a stage is, that alone wouldn't be that bad. But 8 star stages apparently force you to play the game on hard and the enemies hit so absurdly hard it's ridiculous. Like this shit made me wish I was playing Dark Souls instead.

I somehow managed to beat the 2nd to last stage. And by somehow I mean I constantly ran around killing the regular soldiers so I could fill up my special and slam the enemy pilots before farming more soldiers. But the last stage? Has you fight the 3 toughest enemies in the game, one after the other, one on one (no soldiers), with only a single healing item on the field. These guys can finish you in mere seconds if you screw up and conversely they take probably at least 6 times as many hits as you to go down, while having the ability to ignore being hit and interrupt your combo.

I lost probably 20 times on that stage. I tried everything I could think of. Every skill, suit, whatever. I couldn't win. So after I was more then 40 hours into the game I slammed into a brick wall I couldn't get past. This is fucking inexcusable because there was no warning that something like this was coming.

I don't have difficult games but if I wanted to play a difficult game, I would play a difficult game. Dynasty Warriors has generally never been known for being difficult games. Yes they usually have difficulty options like "Chaos" and "Extreme" that will curb stomp you easily but that's just it, they're options. Gundam Reborn forces you to play on the max difficulty to finish the game and pulling that out of nowhere at the end of the game is just disgusting to me as a long time fan of the series.

I know this game was released summer of last year. But if you were still thinking about buying it at this point... think again.

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  1. Is there something on the back of the box that says "Newtypes only"?