About Ozzie

Last Updated 4-16-2012

So I figured I should probably have a section explaining just a little bit, who I am. Well I'm 31 at the time of writing this and I've been a fan of pretty much all things nerdy just about all my life. In the past I've greatly enjoyed comics and wrestling but my interest in both of those have diminished for various reasons. With comics it was just the fact that there never really is an end to the story, it always has to continue on which ends up leading to some stupid story decisions and retcons because with various writers coming and going some of them obviously aren't going to agree. Wrestling just got too... annoying with decisions they made.

So now my main interests are video games and animation. I also love Dungeons and Dragons but haven't had any one to play that with in well... ages.

Growing up as a kid I always kinda rooted for the villains. While everyone else loved Optimus Prime, I loved Starscream. While everyone else rooted for Mario, I rooted for Bowser (and oddly had a crush on his daughter). This is what lead to me originally portraying myself as a villain when I started doing this reviewing stuff but since then I've decided, I don't feel like doing a character. I'm just going to be me and in a way I guess I am kinda a bit evil without even portraying myself as a villain.